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Last night I was honoured to speak at Walsall Trades Council about our ‘City Of Sanctuary’. The City of Sanctuary movement began in 2005 in Sheffield. It aims to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK.
Walsall Borough ‘City of Sanctuary’ held our first meeting in June and has grown steadily throughout the year receiving pledges of support from Charities, faith groups, businesses and volunteers. We hold regular social events with music and refreshments. We held a torch lit walk and hosted a professional performance from ‘Fired Up Theatre’.
We aim to build a support network across Walsall to provide practical support and friendship to refugees and asylum seekers. A huge Thank you to everyone who supports us in this venture for your kindness and generosity.
Please do like our page on facebook and look out for future events
Walsall Borough City Of Sanctuary
‘In these difficult times, there are people in powerful positions in parts of the media and the political establishment who seek to divert our anger away from the increasing injustices in the way society is run towards scapegoating vulnerable minorities. Refugees are among those they put at the top of their list for abuse and villification. It is important that as many of us as possible actively stand together against this attempt to ferment hate and division. Corrie Halford brought us a powerful reminder of this in her talk about the Walsall Borough of Sanctuary at the Walsall TUC meeting last night as well as pointing to the practical ways that we can help. Walsall TUC agreed to fully support the Borough of Sanctuary initiative in whatever ways possible ‘
Martin Lynch
Vice president Walsall TUC
‘The WM/6140 branch of Unite the Union is in full support of your work to the underprivileged in the Walsall area.’
Good luck and Best Wishes.
Paul Agg.
Branch Secretary.
Unite the Union.